Fessura is an Italian Fashion-sport footwear and accessories brand for men, women and children, sold globally in top retailers and specialist shops worldwide.
It was founded in 1999 by Andrea Vecchiola and his brothers Giorgio and Marco, with the intent to design and develop high-tech shoes.
Their passion for and active life style, fashion trends and art, has led to the creation of a cutting-edge icon: THE ELASTIC BAND, which is featured on all the FESSURA lines.
The brand thrives trough creativity and innovation, manufacturing products that embody the ultimate form of style and self-expression.
The brand’s mission is to change the way people engage with high-tech products, exposing it’s customers to new styles and experiences.
Thanks to its patented elastic system, Fessura is considered to be one of the most original brands in theglobal footwear market.
FESSURA products combine beauty and functionality in a unique and innovative way.